Case Background

Matthew Fitzpatrick was murdered in Mannheim Germany on the 11th December 2010 at the age of 34. The German police and prosecutor have gone to extraordinary lengths to cover up his murder and insist that he died by suicide. Matthew’s family have spent over 4 years fighting for justice, and are determined to ensure that the truth about Matthew’s death is told.

It is very evident the steps and investigation carried out by the German Police and Prosecutor in Mannheim are flawed, and highlight a serious disregard for the life of an innocent person who was brutally murdered by calculated criminals. The German authorities have demonstrated themselves as unprofessional, incompetent and discriminatory, and certainly do not work in the best interest of the innocent. The question is, Why?

An overview of vital evidence the German authorities have ignored include:

  • The description on how Matthew’s body was found has changed 3 times. Matthew’s ex-girlfriend is the only person to state that he was hanging, all police, medical personnel and the neighbours who walked in to the apartment on the morning of the 11th December stated that Matthew was lying on his back on the kitchen floor
  • Medical, mechanical and physical analysis has proven that;
    • Matthew was never hanging, and
    • The ex-girlfriend’s 3 changed descriptions on how she found Matthew were all impossible
  • Disturbingly the German police did not carried out any forensic analysis
  • The German police formed their opinion of death by suicide based on the fact that there was a belt around Matthew’s neck. All factual and forensic evidence provided to the German police was ignored
  • Dramatic contradictions from those involved in Matthew’s murder have gone unquestioned by the German police
  • A person who sent Matthew messages of a threatening nature was not interviewed by police due to the fact that they needed a translator. The German police were supplied with copies of these message, however they have simply ignored them
  • 45 injuries were identified on Matthew’s body, yet the German police will not take this in to account, and have refused to speak with the Irish pathologist who carried out the second autopsy
  • The German police have not interviewed or questioned key personnel who would have provided vital evidence relating to Matthew’s murder
  • Items stolen from Matthew’s apartment have again gone unchallenged by the German police. His laptop, professional camera and baseball bat have gone missing, the German police are ignoring this theft
  • Matthew’s computer was accessed and computer activity carried out shortly after his death. This vital information has gone unchallenged by the German police

So, why are the German police ignoring the murder of Matthew Fitzpatrick? Is this because Matthew is a foreigner in Germany or is it something more sinister in the Mannheim area?

The fact remains Matthew Fitzpatrick was murdered, and has become another statistic. His family demand answers and demand justice. This website has been created to provide the truth behind Matthew’s death, this truth is based on facts (please view the Facts page). For the readers of this website, we ask that you support our campaign for justice and share this website through your own social networking sites with the hashtag #Just4Matt.