The facts of Matthew’s murder are based on information provided by medical examinations, physical evidence and witness statements/interviews.

Matthew was due to arrive home in Ireland on the 13th December 2010, where he was to spend one week working in Co. Cork (Matthew was contracted to Mannheim), then travel to family in Co. Galway where he planned to spend the Christmas. Over the Christmas period he planned to meet with his friends and for the New Year he planned to meet with a German friend in Galway City.

On the 10th December 2010, after he finished work for the day, Matthew went out in Mannheim where he met with some people which also included a scheduled meet up with his ex-girlfriend. It had been suggested that she wanted Matthew to take her back. We know that Matthew spent the evening/night in Mannheim and his last destination before going home was a Café Bar in the centre of Mannheim. At approximately midnight Matthew sent a text message stating where he was, who he was with and that he was going home. Just short of 1 hour later Matthew sent a text message to his ex-girlfriend which read – “I want my key back”. It would have taken Matthew no longer than 1 hour to get back to his apartment from the centre of Mannheim at that time of night.

The German police did not investigate as to why Matthew did not have his keys to get in to his apartment, and why Matthew believed his ex-girlfriend had his keys.

Witness statements from those who saw Matthew on the evening/night of 10th December 2010 has highlighted many inconsistencies and a variety of versions with different accounts.

The German police have not challenged these inconsistencies, or questioned the reasons behind the different account versions. If these people had nothing to hide – why lie?

Two weeks prior to Matthew’s death, he was receiving abusive and threatening messages via Facebook from a person he knew. This evidence was provided to the German police.

The German police decided not to interview this person due to the fact that the person needed a translator. Why have the German police ignored a key suspect in Matthew’s death?

Matthew’s body was discovered by his ex-girlfriend in the kitchen of his apartment just after 11:00am on the 11th December 2010. The description of his body position when found, did not correspond with the position seen and examined by the medical doctor at the scene, only a short time later.

Why did German police not question, challenge or analyse these dramatic discrepancies of his body position when found?

It has been assumed by the German police that Matthew was found hanging from the top of the kitchen balcony door, his feet were on the ground and his legs were slightly bent at the knees. Taking in to account all the evidence, measurements of Matthew, the door and the belt that was around his neck, it makes it a mathematical impossibility that Matthew could have been hanging or seen hanging from the kitchen balcony door. Figure 1 illustrates the measurements.

The German police did not analyse the evidence which they produced, which would have identified this serious contradiction in the witness statement. Why are the German police ignoring vital evidence?

Door measurements for the website Final Final PF


In the early morning hours of the 11th December 2010, at approximately 2:30am the neighbours, who lived above Matthew’s apartment, heard noises coming from Matthew’s apartment. They identified the noise as rumblings, then they heard two dull thuds and finally they heard a female’s voice crying. Matthew’s ex-girlfriend denies being in the apartment at that time.

The German police have not made any investigation as to who was in the apartment at this time, and have never sought to find out whose voice was heard by the neighbours.
Why have the German police ignored the fact that there was a person/people other than Matthew in the apartment that night?

On the 18th December 2010, Matthew’s body was repatriated back to Ireland. On this day an autopsy was carried out on Matthew’s body at Tallaght hospital (this was 3 days after the first autopsy in Germany). The autopsy lasted over 7 hours and identified a significant amount of injuries to Matthew’s body. Significantly, Matthew received a blunt force trauma to the back of his head, this injury was identified and photographed by both the German and Irish pathologists. However, the German Pathologist and German police did not question as to how this injury happened; it was merely noted in their documentation.

Why did the German police ignore a significant injury to the back of Matthew’s head?

The full extent of Matthew injuries are illustrated in Figure 2 below.

Measurements for the website Final PF


Based on all the injuries Matthew received, the German police have taken the decision not to discuss these with the Irish pathologist. The German police have put these injuries down to post-mortum changes.

Why are the German police ignoring significant evidence to prove that Matthew’s death was as a result of homicide?
What are the German police covering up?

One interesting element found in the German autopsy was that there was nail varnish substance found in Matthew’s left eye. In addition, as documented above, there is an identified abraded contusion on Matthew left eye lid. The German police have not attempted to analyse this injury more closely. It is highly probable that this injury was inflicted by a female or person wearing nail varnish.

Why have the German police not carried out any forensic analysis which would prove to them that Matthew was murdered?

On the 7th January 2011 members of Matthew’s family travelled to Mannheim to collect his personal belongings. His family were met with hostility. (We cannot mention any names to the people who were hostile to Matthew’s family however we will call them Group A). Group A were in Matthew’s apartment that morning and had refused to allow us to take furniture owned by Matthew. They had implied that Matthew owed them approximately €8.000. In addition, Group A, also said to us that they would “smash up” Matthew’s kitchen rather than Matthew’s family having it. They had possession of Matthew’s financial records (prior to handing some of them over), and refused to hand over his car and all the items within his car. Over the January period, Group A sent us their evidence as to why they said Matthew owed them €8,000. The evidence they provided was false, we therefore provided all documentation to a financial lawyer to produce detailed analysis. The lawyer’s analysis contradicted Group A’s false claim, in fact it highlighted in his evidence that Matthew was owed money by Group A. All evidence was then submitted to the German police, who ignored this saying that there was no legal issue here. All of Matthew’s furniture and his car were taken by Group A.

Why did the German police ignore this attempted extortion and theft carried out by Group A?

On the 7th January 2011 while at Matthew’s apartment, we noticed that the Baseball Bat he purchased in the US was missing. Also missing was his professional type Camera and equipment (incl. lenses, etc), and his personal Laptop. We believe that the Baseball Bat plays a significant role in Matthew’s death. Picture evidence of the Baseball Bat, Camera and personal Laptop was provided to the German police. Again this was ignored by the investigating officers.

Missing items in Matthew’s apartment highlights that there was a theft in Matthew’s apartment. Why have the German police ignored this?

The investigation carried out has highlighted that none of Matthew’s computers (PC and 2 laptops) were in the apartment when the police arrived at the apartment on the 11th December 2010. When Matthew’s family arrived at his apartment on the 7th January 2011, Matthew’s PC and work Laptop were now in the apartment and handed over by Group A, however his personal Laptop is still missing. From a detailed analysis we carried out on Matthew’s PC we identified that the PC was accessed after his death, with many files copied and removed. We provided this evidence to the German police, including Matthew’s actual PC and work laptop, and they have ignored this evidence.

Why did the German police ignore the possibility that Matthew’s PC was removed from his apartment at the time of death?
Why did the German police ignore the fact that someone was using Matthew’s PC after his death? Why do the German police feel it is acceptable that Matthew’s personal laptop (along with other items already stated) were stolen from his apartment?

Over the 3 years the German police have focused on building a case that Matthew suffered from psychological problems. The truth is, Matthew visited a doctor after the break-up of his 9 year highly volatile relationship. He visited a doctor on 3 occasions, and this doctor has provided documentation on Matthew. The doctor documented that Matthew was getting over the break-up of a 9 year relationship; he had some problems sleeping at night. He also stated that he was surprised that the police never spoke to him further as suicide was not something he associated with Matthew.

Why have the German police tried to build a case that Matthew suffered from psychological problems, even though this is not a diagnosis by his doctor?
Why do the German police want to cover up Matthew’s murder as a suicide case?

Throughout the last 3 years Matthew’s family have fought for justice. We have contacted Irish politicians to support our case. Despite numerous requests the Tanaiste Mr Eamon Gilmore has on only one occasion met with some members of Matthew’s family, where he stated that he had a special interest in the case. He also stated this in the Dail (Irish Parliament) during members’ questions. We requested that Mr Eamon Gilmore contact the German authorities to demand a proper and full investigation in to Matthew’s death. He declined, stating that it would prejudice our case (however this hasn’t stopped him from getting involved in other ‘higher profile’ cases). Mr Eamon Gilmore has not provided any assistance whatsoever to Matthew’s case or Matthew’s family. We have requested a meeting on a number of occasions with An Taoiseach Mr Enda Kenny, all of which have fallen on deaf ears. We have written to the ‘then’ Justice Minister Mr Alan Shatter, who responded by saying that it is out of his department’s jurisdiction. We also requested support from the previous President of Ireland Ms Mary McAleese, who again ignored our request for support. The Irish government have an obligation to protect the rights of every Irish citizen living or dead at home or on foreign soil – this is in our Irish Constitution.

Why has the Irish Government not challenged the German authorities?
Why has the Irish Government ignored Matthew’s family and most importantly Matthew’s parents?
Why does the Irish Government feel that the murder of one of its citizens is not in their jurisdiction?

If you contact any person in the Department of Foreign Affairs regarding Matthew’s case, they will always state that they are providing Matthew’s family with Consular Assistance. When Matthew was murdered on the 11th December 2010, Matthew’s family were provided with a liaison officer based out of Berlin, who offered personal support and advice, and also provided us with the contact details of an undertaker so that we could organise the repatriation of Matthew’s body back to Ireland at our own cost.

April 2011 is the last time any contact was received from this liaison officer – it is understood that her job role had changed, however no replacement liaison officer out of Berlin was provided. Leading up to the coroners court in April 2011, translation assistance was provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs; however on completion of the initial investigation translations in February 2011, the Department of Foreign Affairs informed us that they would no longer provide any further translations. We therefore had to contract our own translation services to continue our fight for justice.

On only 3 occasions in 3 1/2 years did the Department for Foreign Affairs in Dublin hold meetings with Matthew’s family, it was clearly stated to us that they would not interfere with the judicial process in Germany and would not make any demands directly to the German authorities. Consular Assistance was clarified; the Department for Foreign Affairs would make contact with the German authorities on our behalf if we requested information or wish to provide them with information. The German authorities will only provide any documentation via our lawyer which we had to engage to help us with our fight for justice. In a recent request we made to the Department for Foreign Affairs for specific information, they were unable to help us.

Why does the Department for Foreign Affairs state publically that they are providing Matthew’s family with Consular Assistance, when there has been little or no assistance since August 2011?
Why has the Department for Foreign Affairs failed to contact Matthew’s family directly since August 2011?
Why did the Department for Foreign Affairs stop providing essential services such as translation services which was essential to our fight for justice?

Following Matthew’s murder, his family commenced with the fight for justice and we have been met with lies, deceit, contradictions, corruption, ineptness, incompetence, cowardice, threats, and many more negative attitudes – all from the perpetrators, associates to the perpetrators, German police and Irish Government. We have had to carry out the investigation into Matthew’s death ourselves. We have been sent nasty comments from persons in Mannheim via the JusticeForMatthew website. We have had to contract and pay for lawyers. We have had to contract translation services and other professional services. Matthew’s parents have never been contacted by the German police to date. We have been shown the greatest disregard by both the German and Irish authorities. Matthew has never once been treated as a victim of a brutal crime. In all that we have done for Matthew, we have set about to focus only on the truth, and highlight about what is fact so that you can see the reality behind Matthew’s death. Our evidence does not lie!

Matthew was an ordinary every day person who enjoyed his life, worked hard, travelled all over the world, and one day eventually to settle down and have a family. Matthew never caused harm to others and he cared for the wellbeing of the people around him. Matthew was brutally murdered on the 11th December 2010. Matthew deserves justice – please help and support our case.